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What's the cult got to offer?
- A fun and friendly atmosphere
- Cult and user run contests
- Frequent You Be The Designer events
- A quarterly newsletter
- Wearable lending and borrowing
- Achievement system with rewards, titles, and regalia
- Off-site forums that are up even when Subeta isn't
- Fashion houses

These are just a few highlights we are continually expanding and improving based on member suggestions and feedback.

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The Winners of (M)YBTD: A Public Affair

We can’t believe it’s already over! June flew by, and took (M)YBTD with it. Luckily, the winners have been announced!

The first place S|R Designer is Dolce as Alamae with Icognito (seen here). The second place S|R Designer is Vogue as Viper with Helvetica (seen here). The third place S|R Designer is Jodie as Cease with Killing Moon (seen here). Honorable mentions go to Emmagan as Choco Ethused with Pretty Little Liars (seen here) and Godiva as Chrysalis with Doppelganger (seen here).

The first place Guest Designer is Zelly with Coffee Camo (seen here). The second place Guest Designer is PoeticEnigma with Mabon Mysterium (seen here). The third place Guest Designer is Linens with A Vested Interest (seen here). Honorable mentions go to Dannica with Mika (seen here), Maria with Pose (seen here), and Diva with Olivia (seen here).

The S|R Designer Cult Favorite is Vogue as Viper with Helvetica (seen here), and the Guest Designer Cult Favorite is Diva with Olivia (seen here).

Congratulations to all the winners! We were fortunate to be graced with 27 lovely Designers and their lines, with 10 of them being S|R Designers, and a whopping 17 of them being Guest Designers! Thank you so much for your participation, votes, and words of encouragement. Everyone did a wonderful job!

We hope to see all of our lovely guests again soon – either as members or as participants in our future public events!

(M)YBTD: A Public Affair

We’re hosting a public event! Not just any public event, but a (M)YBTD! A (M)YBTD is a miniature version of our premier fashion event, You Be The Designer. Members and non-members alike are welcome to join! Head to our topic on the Subeta forums to get started. (If you’re a member of Subetan Runway, you’ll want to check out this post before heading to the public version of the event.) We’re looking forward to what everyone comes up with, and we hope to see you soon!

Application Rules and Guidelines

If you are interested in applying or reapplying, please make sure that you review our application, as some very important changes have been made to the guidelines and form. The update should be helpful to prospective members as well as our own staff.

We are looking to update other areas in the Welcome to the Runway section of our forums in the near future. Please be patient with us.

The Winners of YBTD: Season 10

The 10th season of You Be The Designer asked Designers to create a delicious menu of fashionable avatars, where the Designers were chefs and their Signature Items were their ingredients. Each avatar was a different dish, with the Signature Looks being the Main Dish, and the Models being side dishes, beverages, desserts, and appetizers. Without further ado, the winners of You Be The Designer | Season 10: Carmucopia are here! Jacqueline took first place with Audace’s Be Our Guest (seen here), Dolce took second place with Alamea’s What I’m Thankful For (seen here), Emmagan also took second place and Cult Favorite with Choco Ethused’s SImpLY ExQuISite (seen here), and an honorable mention goes to Swallow with Simple Elegance’s Feast Your Eyes (seen here). Congratulations to all the winners! S|R members should head to this thread for more info! See you next season!


Hey maaan. Just thought I’d let you into the know about… oh right, my birthday. This year, we will recreate the rock concert to end all concerts. Free love, music, getting in touch with nature, nudity, mud, flowers in your hair. Did I mention the free love and nudity? ‘Cause those are my favorite parts. If the man doesn’t keep you down, we’ll party until we pass out. Peace out maaan.

Oh and, my sister is in town, so keep the “what did Rab do while I was gone” stuff on the down low. She’s onto me, man! She’ll call the man on me, man!

The Winners of YBTD: Season 9

The month of April was occupied by You Be The Designer: Season 9 | Walk The Walk, which involved inspiration from real life fashion. Designers were required to choose a specific line from any designer, and use that line as a reference for their own avatars. Though there weren’t many participants this season, all of the lines were just as deserving of the winning title as any. VOGUE placed first and took the title of Cult Favorite with Viper’s Eccentricity seen here, Jacqueline placed second with Audace’s Bourgeoisie seen here, and Dolce placed third with Alamea’s Coco and Me seen here. Congratulations to all the winners! Thanks to all who participated and voted — we couldn’t have done this without you. See you next season!


We are happy to announce that Musica has been promoted to a Moderator position, while Godiva, kittypants, and sophia have joined our Activity Moderator team. Congratulations ladies! We’re looking forward to great things from you.

They Tried To Make Me Go To Rehab…

The second week of Rehab is upon us! There are quite a few participants this year, with several new addictions, and very few appearing from last year. Argo Blackout Liquid Liner is this year’s Donna Fake Lashes, while Sweet Lolita Cherry Lipgloss is this year’s Fairy Lipgloss. There’s been a few people banned from Ankle Wraps this year, too. When will people learn? Overall, everyone is off to a great start! If you aren’t participating (even though you should be!), you can start anytime by heading to the thread and posting your addictions. For those of you that are participating, don’t forget about the character building exercises!

Time to go back to Rehab!

It’s been a year and it seems that we’ve all have fallen off the wagon since the last round of Rehab. New avatar crutches have replaced the old ones we’ve mastered! It’s going to be tough, but don’t worry, we’re all in this together. Remember, the first step is admitting you have a problem. Head over to the New Year’s Resolution thread to enter the program.

The Winners of YBTD: Season 8

The battle was long, the opponents were fierce, but in the end a winner was declared! Jacqueline placed first with Audce: Elite Five seen here, Fanciful placed second with Empire: Elite seen here, canary placed third with Russalka: If looks could Kill seen here, and kittypants won the coveted Cult Favorite title with Sui Generis: Urban Urchin seen here. Congratulations to all the winners! Thanks to everyone who participated and voted — we couldn’t have done this without you. See you next season!